Reign of Fire, Deep State Mysteries Book 1


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Investigative reporter Emily Rose knows something is wrong. Her twin sister Alyssa, a Capitol Hill intern, hasn’t been answering her phone or replying to messages. Emily is devastated, but not surprised, when her Marine war hero brother, Wyatt, shows up with the news that Alyssa’s body has been found. Jumping on a plane from Atlanta to Washington D.C. Emily meets up with Detective Ashton Frasier and they begin to dig into what her sister may have gotten herself caught up in. When they uncover clues pointing to the possibility of a shadow government, Emily and Ash turn to the few people they know they can trust, and a few encounters with Alyssa herself, to dig a little deeper to try to save their democracy while putting a killer behind bars. 

Readers would not be likely to put together a political thriller with sides of paranormal and romance, but the combination of all three just fits together in this first installment of a new series. While some elements of the romance seem to take off at lightning speed, it does add depth to the storyline and breaks up the seriousness of the plot. This is one of those books that will make readers stop and think: what if fiction was in fact reality? As the plotline evolves and more people seemingly become part of the shadow government, it punctuates the question of who do you trust, personally and professionally. This is a must-read for any fan of political thrillers, steamy romance or paranormal fans. It has a little bit of everything to keep readers invested and wanting more!

Alison Ellis