Refrain (Vampire Blood Courtesans)


Parentless and caring for an ailing sister, Neriza sees an ad in the paper that gives her some hope. After all, she has something that most Blood Courtesan’s don’t have, something that could secure her future.  It turns out her client is the man of her dreams, the sexy-as-sin vampire rock star, Lyric Rivers, but he wants nothing to do with her. It may only be business between them, but with the threat of losing everything looming, the only option Neriza has left is to make the stubborn vampire desire her. 

Neriza and Lyric are two strong, captivating characters that heat up the pages of this scorching hot vampire romance. They have sizzling chemistry that readers can practically feel leaping off the pages, but that sizzle causes this couple quite a bit of strife because they have signed a business contract. Both have some emotional issues which pull them in different directions, and both are pretty stubborn, which keeps this romance interesting and on the feisty side, ensuring that one really wants to know the outcome of their seemingly doomed relationship. This fast-paced story provides readers with thrilling suspense as secrets and betrayals make Neriza the target of a rogue vampire, and Lyric must find a way to work with Neriza if he wants to keep her safe and stop a nefarious plot from being set in motion in this thrilling romance.

E.L. Hurley