Redemption at Midnight (My Beloved Vampire #3)


It’s WWII and Bella, the daughter of Cormac O’Heachthanna, the former Vampire King who is now working to help allied forces, moves to Germany, hoping to fit in and bring those who are in the higher positions to the Allies side, Soon, however, she finds herself falling in love with Peter, the man responsible for many of the atrocities. Unfortunately, her love isnt enough to bring him to the right side, so her family has him eliminated, leaving her with a hole in her heart 


Brent OHara is a Marine in a Special Ops unit with Bellas father who lost both his legs and one of his hands when an IED exploded. He is angry, has nothing to live for and, hes human.  Knowing both his daughter and Brent need help to find happiness, Cormac devises a plan to bring them together, help them heal and find the love they deservewill his plan work or backfire?


Redemption at Midnight”, the third in the “Beloved Vampire” series, takes a unique and interesting twist by sending vampires into war for the good guys! Sadly this novel suffers from the tell usversion, instead of the show usversion readers prefer. This leaves the depth of characters missing, and the reader wanting more. The flow is a bit bumpy with too many gaps in time and too little information given, often leaving the reader confused. Still, Ms. Moriarty pens an interesting version of vampires, and has great potential once she irons out the kinks.


Lynne Bryant