Redemption (Angel Rising #1)


It seems the soulless are planning to create havoc in order to feed on the resulting fear; there has been a rise in violent crime recently. Who is behind the seemingly organized effort?  Not all soulless are dark beings. Thalya is one exception, Samuel is another. She helps her providers by feeding on their depression. Samuel is more than human - a master hunter, he is a human-soulless hybrid. As Samuel catches up to the soulless woman during the hunt, he knows no harm will come to her by his hand. Wilhelmina is a chronicler watching both groups; remaining neutral in the war between soulless and hunters. 


The down-to-earth people in this paranormal novel hit the ground running and don’t stop. It is a pleasure to see that they have lives outside of the major plot points. However, there are editing issues and the author tends to have the characters tell each other of events that have already been mapped out for the reader. The conflict with the evil soulless could be considered a subplot, but it is integral. Author LaVerne Thompson is skilled at writing intimate scenes and bringing the sights and sounds of New York City to life, and uses the prologue to eradicate any last-minute questions the reader may have.


Bravo! If the reader is looking for a story that has characters they will care about and a plot that is fully developed, this one is worth picking up.


Heather R. Nielsen