Red Velvet Vampire


Lacy Cooper is used to anonymity. Although her employer is a man who works for the stars, she is used to flying under the radar. She is a curvy attractive woman who loves cupcakes and is used to her mundane life — until the hottest hunk in Hollywood, Jack Dupree, takes an interest in her. His interest does not wane after dinner and Lacy finds herself swept into Jack’s glamorous world. However, Jack has a secret, which will be either the end or the beginning of Lacy’s life.

“Red Velvet Vampire” is written with an amusing self-deprecating style that is fun to read. Ms. Kuncytes takes her readers along on Lacy’s romantic adventure with a rich and handsome leading man. The journey is fun; however, the story lacks any real depth, being mostly composed of Jack trying to convince Lacy that a handsome man can love an ordinary girl. There is a villain named Zandor in the story whose presence is never fully explained. The climax of the story lacks any real excitement as the action takes place while the narrator is unconscious. The conclusion of the story feels rushed and contrived and leaves the reader with more questions than answers, a disappointing end to a good story. What “Red Velvet Vampire” needs is a little more character and plot development to be as satisfying as those cupcakes that Lacy loves.

Gwenellen Tarbet