Red Sean’s Revenge (A Caribbean Spell, #2)

Maureen O.

ROMANTIC ADVENTURE:  Miranda is a witch, and, in order to keep her magic strong must engage in sex. Although she is from the present, she can travel between times, and her true love is in the 17th century.  Pirate Captain Jake Reynard is her love and his ship, the Moonstone, has become Miranda’s home. Jake is teaching her to be a pirate, along with keeping her in the throes of passion. 

Port Royal is home to many Miranda loves, and when an evil Irishman named Red Sean makes port, he will use Jake and Miranda to help him bring it down! Sean has the ability to call and use a Leviathan for his evilness. Jake and Miranda will do anything in their power to save their friends and the city even after Red Sean nearly destroys Miranda and her magic.

Ms. Betita has written a jolly, jaunty pirate tale! The second in the “Caribbean Spell” series, it is recommended that the first book be read beforehand. Miranda is a unique, interesting character, but the reader is left to wonder how and why without her backstory. The one thing this author does extraordinarily well is write an evil, make-you- shudder bad guy! Red Sean is about as nasty as they come -  and reader beware - that includes scenes of rape and sodomy (the rape scene is not overly graphic but succeeds in making one cringe, the sodomy is only mentioned.)  Ms. Betita is gifted at writing wonderful, fun characters that leave one so involved, they will want to wear an eye patch, and walk around saying “aarrgghh”!!!!

Tonya Smalley