Recovered (The Shapeshifters' Library # 3)


Bliss D. Light is a librarian who shapeshifts into a dog.  For centuries, the shapeshifters have been hunting for the Library of the Ancients, which would tell them about their true origins.  Bliss feels a special call to find the library, and she has been researching its location.  But success has eluded her, helped in part by the werewolves, hiding in plain sight, but committed to the destruction of all dogs and shapeshifters.  Their obliteration of book collections worldwide have hindered the search for the library.  Harry Dinzelbacher, a werewolf/Sheep Dog cross, is Bliss’s friend who wants to leave behind his wolfish ways and help Bliss find the library.  His ex-werewife Sybilla Romano is on their track, determined to put a stop to Bess and Harry’s search.  Of course she’ll need the help of Blaze McKenzie, a handsome werewolf who’s at her beck and call. 


The third book in The Shapeshifters' Library series, “Recovered”  has an intriguing plot with great characters and lots of action.  The relationship between Bliss and Harry is sweet and tender, with just a touch of romance.  The sci-fi twists are hard to follow at times, and the addition of mystical lore and terminology bogs down the tale.  The introduction of Bliss’s parents is another dimension that overwhelms an already heavy story. With a little more focus, some streamlining and tightening, this could be a uniquely winning tale.  Readers already following this series will be delighted with the latest installment, and the further adventures of the dog-shifter librarians of Shipsfeather, Ohio!


Victoria Z. Burg