Rebel Bear (Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire #2)


Hailey Crewe just wants to escape the limelight and live a modest, anonymous lifestyle. She never counted on becoming a runaway bride! Thanks to an unwanted suitor and her scheming mother, that’s just what happens. Trying to adjust to island time after serving in the Special Forces, bear shifter Tim Hoving is suddenly wrestling temptation, and his bear is head-over-heels in love with an irresistible stranger who rushes into his organized world. Worse, sinister shifter forces are following a ruthless agenda of their own and they’ll stop at nothing to capture Tim’s destined mate.

This paranormal romance starts with an exciting and intriguing event that immediately captures readers’ attention and just keeps getting better. The hero and heroine are both captivating and sincere, which makes following their story a delight. Their romance is sweet and full of passion. The heroine has to overcome some personal issues and take a leap of faith if this couple is to reach for their HEA, which will keep readers in suspense. The bad guys are mysteriously following an unknown agenda that builds excitement throughout the story and includes an exhilarating confrontation between them and the couple. Readers will be enthralled with this standalone, fast-paced romance from the very beginning, and to make this story even more delightful and entertaining the series has a refreshingly different and fascinating legend – the ‘Pearls of Desire’ fable adds a bit of mysticism and ensures that readers are going to want to read all about it!

E.L. Hurley