Rebel Alpha (Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire Book 5)


Dragon shifter Cynthia is determined to not let her past find her or her young son Joey. They have taken refuge in Hawaii under an assumed name to hide from the evil forces that would do anything to destroy them. When Cal, her disgraced wolf-shifting true mate comes back into her life, Cynthia has to set aside her fears and doubts to accept his protection. Cal believes he doesn’t deserve a chance at true happiness, but his deep abiding love for Cynthia continually blossoms into hope every time he looks at her. When the evil forces can no longer be kept at bay, Cal and Cynthia will have to come together to defeat the odds stacked against them. Can they have the second chance at the love they so desperately want?

For lovers of fantasy set in a modern world, this book will surely entertain! The plot is exciting and full of action, and the shape-shifting aspect of the story is definitely unique and intriguing. To grasp the full depth of Cal and Cynthia’s relationship and how far they have come, one will have to travel outside the pages of this novel to Ms. Lowe’s previous tales in this series. The book unfortunately does not stand on its own, with several plot points of previous books referenced. Additionally, a good portion of dialogue in the story is the characters saying other character’s names out loud, which really distracts the reader from the overall plot. However, the characterization truly brings out the best aspects of this story and will assuredly enthrall the reader!

Jen Griffin