A Reaper Made


When Grace dies at the age of nineteen at the hands of a hit and run driver, a reaper by the name of Tully appears at her side. Her choices are to cross over or to become a reaper, herself. The nurse in training chooses the latter, always willing to help others. When reapers begin to disappear, thus leaving a flux of souls unable to cross over, Grace decides to dig a little deeper; especially when she discovers her own family members back on earth may be in danger.  She, along with Tully, a witch named Tessa, and a shifter named Rhys, all work together to solve the mystery of who’s behind the missing reapers and why.


Liz Long has penned a marvelous foray into the nether world of reapers, angels, and demons—added a dash of witchcraft and shifters—and comes up with a winner of a fantasy! She’s managed to capture the real world biases and carry them over to her story in the form of “original” and “made” reapers, thought by some originals as second class or lesser beings. It’s hard to stand out when so many are writing this genre these days, but she’s managed to come up with an original storyline. This reader would have preferred to see a couple of loose-end situations followed through and the end seemed slightly anti-climactic, although there were a couple of unexpected twists. “A Reaper Made” is a well-crafted book providing hours of wholesome entertainment. Great job, Ms. Long! 

Lori Leger