Rapture at Midnight (Book 1 of The Cynn Cruor Bloodline)


Eirene Spence is not sure what just happened. She was minding her own business (hey, she has the right to be in a deserted park at night), when she came across this three scary men. Luckily, she didn't have to fight them off on her own - Finn Qualtrough is there to rescue her. True, he has secrets of his own (he's not exactly human), but he is one of the good guys. And the chemistry between them is off the charts. If only it weren't against the rules.  It's complicated, and then the bad guys show up and it gets a lot more so.  


An eternal battle between good and evil with a few twists, is the setting of this romance story. Finn is a tortured alpha warrior who simply can't resist Eirene. Eirene is a tough, wickedly smart heroine who defies odds to be with him. While nicely written and filled with action, in the world of paranormal romance filled with bands of warriors fighting against evil, it simply doesn't stand out. What's more there were few bumps in the believability of the relationship part as well.  For example,  Eirene's reaction - or more specifically, her non-reaction - to finding out that the paranormal world is real just didn't ring true. The truly wonderful part of the story is the heat between Finn and Eirene.  The sparks just flew!  All in all, a sexy, if somewhat generic read for fans of paranormal 



Ana Smith