Raising the Dead (Soul Broker Book 2)


A normal life can be hard enough without helping departed souls cross to the other side. Add in collecting grief from the living and spiritual bosses who make the mafia look tame and that’s Vivian’s complicated life. That was before she decided to work with a grim reaper. But when a rogue guardian sends her an ominous message, the reaper may be her only chance to stay safe. With an energy crisis looming before the spiritual world, Vivian is confronted with multiple options, none of them ideal. Choose the guardians and their suffocating grip? Tread the darkness with the reaper whose taste for cruelty could be her downfall? Or join a rebellion that would mean hell on earth?

A powerful paranormal read lead by a fierce female, “Raising the Dead” is a perfect novel for readers begging for the next Mercy Thompson. Vivian is a strong female lead that takes what life throws at her. She is intelligent and does not let her powers or position go to her head. She is not perfect but her flaws make her all the more endearing. It is impossible not to root for Vivian as she treads through the mess the spiritual world has drug her into. Readers will want answers to her questions just as badly as she does. The story is engaging and well developed with a diverse cast of characters. This novel may be the second in the series, but it is not necessary to read the first to enjoy this story. The reader will not want to miss a second of this exciting and creative paranormal series!

Arec Rain