Raining Embers (Order and Chaos Book 1)


FANTASY:  Palmer Tash is an acolyte in a religious order in the bustling city of Latysia, even though he’s not particularly religious. An orphan, he’s taking advantage of the free education until he can graduate and find a job to support himself, believing that his uncanny precognitive abilities are nothing unusual.  Brier Chastain-Bochard is the daughter of the State Librarian. She’s been raised in privilege, but it doesn’t protect her from a malady that causes her no small degree of discomfort. Their paths cross the first time at a state function at which Brier’s engagement to her childhood friend Nico Adessi-Guillroy is announced.  When they both have devastating visions of either their future or the past, and are kidnapped by a mysterious group, they realize that their abilities are due to an all-encompassing heritage that will change their lives forever.

"Raining Embers” is an intriguing and unusual young-adult fantasy novel.  The harmonious way that Palmer and Brier’s powers complement each other is just one reason why they have such good chemistry together.  Palmer is thoughtful and calm to Brier’s more passionate, forthright nature. They make a good pair in ways more than just romantically.  The storyline is intricate and interesting, although it is at times hard to follow and dissect the meaning of events that occur.  Ultimately, the story comes to a cohesive and satisfying climax.  Readers looking for young adult fantasy that takes a different path, and with an unusual mythology, will appreciate “Raining Embers”.

Danielle Hill