Quest of the Dreamwalker (Corthan Legacy Book 1)


EPIC FANTASY:  A blonde girl is held prisoner in a sorcerer’s castle, where she is used in his ceremonies to create immortality for himself. She has no name, and is only referred to as "Daughter" - until one of the other prisoners gives her a name.  Archer christens her "Cara". Male prisoners are used as sacrifices during the ceremonies and Cara finds the will to help them escape. She follows, in order to flee the sorcerer Sidonius and his evil spells. No matter where they go, Sidonius is never too far behind, bringing destruction and death with him. Khoury, the captain of the men, is determined to keep Cara safe. But will he be able to achieve this and escape with his own life?


Khoury, Archer, and Falin are very strong characters. They have overcome harsh circumstances to become people with heart and integrity. Cara, though a main character, is mousey and weak, with no depth. The world in which the story takes place is realistic, but bogged down in too much detail. What could have been a good story drags with all the intricate detail that is woven into the tale. Cara’s quest isn’t revealed until late in the book and the novel ends with a cliffhanger. There are many fascinating characters in this piece, which will give many readers one with whom to relate. Ms. Bennett has certainly come up with an original epic tale of adventure!


Belinda Wilson