The Queen of Swords


Cat Fingal is the third version of the woman Graham Logan loved in the 1700s. She was murdered by a vampire obsessed with him in the 1800s then murdered again by the same villain, Lord Gerard Fitzgerald, when she was reincarnated in the 1900s. Another 100 years have passed and Cat is back once again, only this time Graham is determined to keep her safe by ignoring her. Easier said than done especially since Cat senses strongly shes meant to be with him. When her visions of her past lives prove the truth that they are soul mates, shes determined to get rid of Fitzgerald once and for all. After all, they have a happily-ever-after waiting that has been twice denied them. Is the third time the charm?


This story is full to the brim with rich Scottish history. In fact, when told from Grahams perspective, it is so full of history that there is little time for actual plot development. While exquisitely written, the conflict gets buried under the historical detailing. There is an evil woman who wont take no for answer that is easily defeated and the powerful Fitzgerald brings nothing to the table. Resolution is achieved without difficulty, leaving the reader wondering what all the fuss was about. The historical facts and details of the tarot are quite interesting and the characters are wonderful, but not enough to carry the day. A more developed plot with the characters navigating perilous seas would turn this unique storyline into a nail-biter!


Carol Conley