Queen of Jastain

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It’s a day like any other for Abby Randall, except for the fact that she just found out that her best friend is marrying her ex-boyfriend  That's not even the main problem - that one occurs when in a burst of light she and her car are transported to another dimension. And the minute she got there she rescues a handsome warrior named Avant. Avant can’t believe his luck.  Not only did the fair lady save him, but she is the Chosen One who will save his kingdom from the Darkness. Now all he has to do is to convince her of it, train her, and defeat the evil king. It would definitely be easier if it weren’t for those bothersome things called feelings.

A finely crafted world, with some nice twists. While there is nothing unusual here, the eternal fight between Darkness and Light  was done in a way that doesn’t make it ordinary. The characters are well drawn. Abby, who has never seen herself as queen, deals admirably with everything that’s thrown at her. The only thing she mishandles are her feelings for Avant, not that he is any better. Their relationship simply didn’t get the opportunity to shine - they fell in love pretty quickly, and spent the remainder of the book either fighting their feelings (Avant) or despairing that they will ever be together (Abby). Nevertheless, the book still makes for an entertaining read, and will be a pleasure to any reader who likes fantasy and far away kingdoms!


Ana Smith