Queen of Hearts (The Risen King, Book 2)


The second in The Risen Kingseries begins with war shaking Faery to its core.  The queens of Faery have revived the one true king and his round table of knights. Aiding Arthur and the summer court is Faery hunter Aiofe, who has been claimed by her grandmother Tatiana. Between the two, the evil faery Leanansidhe is forced to retreat, but she isnt done yet. Reviving Arthurs queen and lost love, Guinevere, Leanansidhe begins to spin a new trap for the heroes, and it will take questioning everything to find the answers Arthur and Aiofe need to stop her and save each other.


Queen of Heartspicks right up where The Iron Locketleft off, and once again Leanansidhe is destroying lives and reviving others to suit her revenge. True to the series, Ms. Warren has added new twists to the Camelot story and made sure that the reader is left wondering what will happen next. Aiofe and Arthur continue to try to lead and fight Leanansidhe, but in this book, it is Leanansidhe who is the true star as her evilness seems to overwhelm the heroes. The romance between Aiofe and Arthur hits a stumbling block with Guinevere on the scene, leaving readers praying that on the next page, someone will give the former queen a good kick. Overall, the third book needs to be released quickly so fans of Arthur and Aiofe can see Leanansidhe defeated, and perhaps a bit more romance between the heroes.


Sarah E. Bradley