Protected by a Vampire – Immortal Hearts of San Francisco, Book 5


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  When she was 17 years old, Ace was irresistibly drawn to the surfer-looking wet dream Adonis who came to her rescue and then disappeared one dark night in a San Francisco alley.  Imagine her surprise when she finds the pull has remained when he re-enters her life as heroic rescuer once again. As the drummer for vampire rock band, The Lost Boys, Gage McAllister does not believe it’s a great idea for vampires and humans to interact or have romantic relationships. Then a few unexpected and thrilling encounters with the young and enticing Acelyn “Ace” Baird put his beliefs to the test.  Gage feels compelled to protect her from harm and unable to deny his craving to make her his. 

Ms. Griscom combines the brooding vampire and sassy heroine scenario with very intriguing twists to both characters and plot to ensure readers are spellbound. Due to a minuscule back-story, the villain comes across a little too one-dimensional to incite enough fear or loathing in the reader’s heart. Thank goodness, an extra steamy attraction between the two romantic characters provides love scenes sizzling enough to scorch the reader’s mind! The strong feeling of chivalry, brotherhood and loyalty between the band members and their mates is also deeply felt. The fight scenes are action-packed and exciting. The sometimes awkward, heartfelt, and intricate bond between Gage and Ace help to propel this story to one the readers will truly enjoy. Readers will find themselves transported to the dark landscape of a world inhabited by all sorts of mystical beings, making this story definitely one of Susan Griscom’s must-read books!

Tonya Mathenia