Prophecy (Soul of the Witch Book 2)

C. Marie

HISTORICAL/WESTERN:  Nichole Harris has been beaten almost to death. In fact she is so near death that Amy, her new friend, is forced to use her healing powers as well as other entities in order to save Nicole. With the combining of the healing powers, a whole new set of problems has been unleashed. Unbeknownst to Amy or her long lost twin sister they have intertwined their magic and it awakens a sleeping demon. The demon is determined to find the girls and end their powers. Alyse, Amy’s sister, has also been unaware of her twin sister, but now that she knows, she is determined to find her before all hell breaks loose. Will the girls be able to vanquish the demon or will they all suffer at the hands of something unknown?

C. Marie Bowen has created a unique story that is exciting and interesting. “Prophecy (Soul of the Witch Book 2)” has characters that readers can relate to and has a plot that is easy to follow. Although somewhat slow at times, the story will keep readers interested and determined to find out what happens next. Family is the key to the second book in “Prophecy”. Readers will become invested in the characters of the book and want nothing more than to see a happy ending. Ms. Bowen doesn’t disappoint, but readers might find themselves yearning for another book in what is, surely, to become an interesting series. 

Mary-Nancy Smith