Prophecy’s Power


Ever since Natalie Tortelli was taken from her drug-abusing mother and deposited in foster care, she has made her own way.  Street-smart and trusting no one, she grew up, learned and made a good life for herself.  All that disintegrates one fateful night when she happens upon a murder.


Soren didn’t hear the woman approach: he was too busy making fast work of the demon he needed to kill.  Even so, it shouldn’t have been a problem erasing her memory and letting her go... that is, if he could.  Her mind is a brick wall and her memories are still intact!  That leaves Soren with no choice but to take her with him.  Little does he know, however, that the wild-cat he has captured will turn his life upside down and may just be the answer to the Prophecy’s questions.


Vampires, hot, HOT sex and lots of action turn this story from an everyday paranormal to a can’t put down, nail-biting, emotion-ripping read!  There are a few caveats before approaching, however.  The extreme cursing used (almost every sentence at times) becomes very distracting and may slow the flow of the story for even the most hardened.  Also, hate and mistrust + hot sex (and there is a LOT of it!) just doesn’t equal love after merely two days of acquaintance no matter how much we want to believe!  Even so, the author brings such a depth of emotion to each character's psyche the reader falls in love FOR them, and the level of excitement keeps those pages turning to a wonderfully satisfying end!


Ruth Lynn Ritter