Prophecy’s Healing (The Prophecy Series Book 5)


Julia Murphy is a waitress at The Green Tree nightclub, looking to better her life by saving money so she can take the college classes she needs. However, fate has a different idea. Walking home late one dark and dreary night, she is attacked by two men who intend to sexually assault her. Little does she know that a tall, dark and handsome stranger will be her savior. Not only is Ace her rescuer, he is so much more. Only time, the revealing of their pasts, and Julia’s dreams will bring to light just exactly what Ace and Julia are to one another. Will Ace be able to accept Julia for who she is now, and find the love they both deserve?


Wow! Ms. Dyer sure knows how to pen a hot, sexy tale! Ace is so torn and carrying so much baggage but one still falls in love with him regardless of his gruff exterior. Ms. Dyer writes his emotions so well that readers don't care that he isn’t all that nice. This is book five in the series, and does stand on its own; however it might behoove one to read the others first. The only thing missing in this story is a bit more about the prophecy itself.

Themes of forgiveness and redemption run rampant in this story, and Ms. Dyer is one of the best at writing such gut-wrenching emotion!


Lynne Bryant