Prophecy’s Child (The Prophecy Series #2)


Ten years ago, Katherine met and fell deeply in love with Kal. What she didn’t know was that he was a vampire, one who was unwilling to risk her life by bringing her into his very dangerous world. He leaves Katherine without so much as a goodbye. Flash forward ten years.....a chance meeting at Wal-Mart, where they literally bump into one another. After the shock wears off, the 10 years of anger Katherine has felt since being abandoned rises to the surface, but so does the fact that she still loves Kal. 

Kal never stopped loving Katherine but always believed he had done the right thing in leaving her. Now he knows that the love he felt for in the past hasn’t diminished. He arrives at her door, unexpectedly, and finds that Katherine has a child....could it be his? Will he have to explain his world of war between vampires and demons? Will Katherine every find it in her heart to trust and love him again?

Oh my gosh, Ms. Dyer has done it again! “Prophecy’s Child” takes off where “Love’s Prophecy” ended; however, this book totally stands all alone in its wonderfulness! Ms. Dyer has the knack for creating such real characters. One can sympathize with Katherine, as her feelings go on an emotional roller coaster. As Kal grovels, one feels his remorse. Evil demons who are just plain....evil. Katherine’s son Ike, makes one want to have an Ike of their very own. What’s not to love, this story has anger, evil, remorse, love and redemption! The only downside to the series.....waiting for the next installment! 

Tonya Smalley