Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

The Hunter’s Realm

The boundary between the Magical Realm and the Other Side is thinning.  The Realm’s best hunter is tasked with blending in with the humans and retrieving Realm escapees.  Elliot Hensworth thought his well-honed warrior skills would be used catching formidable adversaries - instead, he's prowling af

A Glimmer of Guile
Mary Patterson

FANTASY:  Vivia has the guile - magic flows in her blood, strong magic. Trained by Taso Raym, she is sent to Ladygate to finish her education due to her sex. Raym is a recluse male, she a young woman.

TIME TRAVEL:  Ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead! Unfortunately, Sage, the woman who came from the future to settle down with Sir Cade, is still very much alive and showing no signs of leaving.

Into the Arms of Morpheus

Sylvia has been a devotee of Morpheus, the Greek God of Dreams ever since she saw an art exhibit featuring the Greek Gods. Every night she surrenders herself to Morpheus, and her devotion has attracted the notice of another Greek God.

The Tithe

Joshua Barstow, a crippled orphan raised among her town’s holy women, has come to terms with the fact that she will be a tithe: one of seventy people chosen to represent ten towns, who go to a bunker in the desert where each night one of them will be taken by the angels in a