The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles #1)


All Shaw wants is to make his Lulu happy. Beautiful engagement ring? You got it. Gorgeous dress? Absolutely. Big wedding? No problem. Thing is, Danny Shaw doesn’t have what you’d call a regular nine to five. When his latest mark goes awry, he’s left with nothing but a dead cross-dresser and a weird ring. Lulu is not going to be happy.

Alexi Jordan is one of the best homicide detectives in her precinct. She’s seen and heard it all. When a call comes in, and the victim is her last living family member, her tough exterior may just crack. Good thing she’s got Rhys Temple—an amazing partner at work, and between the sheets. But how will she explain why her uncle was wearing a dress, or why she has to find his ring before Samhain? 

“The Promised One” takes paranormal and turns it on its ear, taking shape-shifting to a whole other level. The bad guy perspective is particularly unique and fun, and the characters three-dimensional. With such a unique story, there are several occasions where one questions: Is that really cool, or just . . . weird? The jury’s still out. Especially with a bit at the end that seems a little out of place. Elements like these, though, sure make the fun house ride well worth the price of admission!

Sofia St. Angeles