The Prodigal Son (The Graham Saga #3)


Matthew Graham is finally home again on Scottish soil.  Determined to put the past behind him, Matthew starts his life again with the love of his wife, Alex, and his children.  Times are uncertain, though, and as King Charles II demands all religions bow to his authority, Matthew finds himself struggling to follow his beliefs while protecting his family.  It is a fight with no win possible.  

Alex knows Matthew is torn - his strong moral beliefs are part of what she loves most about him.  But when he insists on putting both himself and their family in terrible danger by harboring religious outlaws, she must take a stand.  Her love for him is everything but she will not lose her children for his principles.  

Although this rich, romantic tale can be read as a standalone novel, doing so is highly discouraged.  In order to truly appreciate and immerse oneself in the beauty of the story and the elegance in the writing, the background of the times and characters is a pre-requisite.  Ms. Belfrage has a gift for subtly tying in real historical knowledge to love stories so heartfelt that the reader hardly notices they are absorbing knowledge while laughing, crying or cursing the powers that be right along with the characters.  While a few of the situations stretch believability a bit, this is most assuredly  a series that gets better with each book!

TJ Mackay