Probabilities (Fierce Hearts book 4)


Tizzy Sands is devoted to her students. She’s also a were-lynx and a cancer survivor who can no longer bear children and exists with the knowledge the cancer may return. When one of Tizzy’s students is threatened by the colony’s enemy, she jumps in to protect the five-year-old and his mother, but she’s not alone. Quinn is by her side, and there’s something very intriguing about this single but aloof were-cat.

In “Probabilities” the scars of childhood abuse and defeatist thinking find solace when Quinn and Tizzy recognize the future starts with today. The premise of this novel has a potent message. With heightened suspense throughout, the love story takes a distant second place. The writing had square edges and told the reader every plot point instead of showing them. Mentioning the heroine’s cancer and her inability to have children so many times may annoy readers.  It would have flowed better if this were stated once, then shown through the storytelling how the challenge will be overcome. There is a large cast, and Ms. Crandall handles them quite well with characterization, but puts too many of them in one scene making it confusing as the colony battles against TNG. Relying on facial expressions detracts from the dialogue and will steal the potency of a conversation. The hero is often described as a geek, but he is presented as an alpha with sensitive, intelligent qualities. Still, Quinn stands out like an attractive, sexy beacon that makes the fourth novel in this series tingle.  

Sloane Austen