Prince by Blood and Bone (Tales of the Black Court #2)


Prince Kian is getting desperate. No matter what he tries, he cant break the curse the queen laid on him. He is thrilled when something finally goes right and he summons a witch successfully.


Bryanna MacElvy, the above-mentioned witch, is far from thrilled with the situation. Her family has been hunted by the Fae for a long time now, and finding herself a prisoner of one is far from ideal. And then theres that tiny fact that shes not really a powerful witch shes just a mediocre healer. But Kian gives her no way to refuse she can either help him or be his prisoner for eternity. What neither of them expect is for deeper emotions to evolve. They might as well be mortal enemies and there is very little hope of survival a completely helpless situation. Isnt it?


"Prince by Blood and Bone" is a dark fairy-tale based on the timeless tale of Beauty and the Beast.  What spoils the otherwise enchanting story is Bryanna. She often makes senseless decisions that put everyone around her in danger. On the other hand, theres Kiancursed, ill-tempered, really determined to free himself and wreak vengeance on the queen. He does make some choices that are selfish, but he is not intentionally cruel to Bryanna. Nevertheless, its still a fascinating world that will make any reader yearn for more stories set there!


Ana Smith