Prim & Proper (Eva Prim #2)

Jordan K.

Chrysanthemum Papadopoulos is a vampire with many talents - including a penchant for blogging as well as finding and attracting trouble.  During an extremely long New Year's celebration she discovers herself hosting one too many parties at the bequest of her husband and New England Region Master, Stefan. Through battles with florists insisting on sending lilies, befriending a neurotic vampire from the '50s, accidentally calling out two demons, as well as agreeing to a duel with a vampire most foul, Chryssie (as she prefers to be called) has to learn how to believe in herself or lose the person she holds most dear – her husband.

Jordan Rose can truly spin a yarn! The author’s ability to weave a creative and cohesive world of magical creatures is impressive. What sets her apart from other writers of the paranormal genre is her wry sense of humor, and depth of emotions the reader will feel while spending time with Chryssie and her band of eccentrics. Readers will find this a light and fun read; a welcome departure from the sometimes dark and broody, stereotypical depictions of vampires. In fact, the heroine creates more trouble for herself than intended, resulting in several hilarious monologues. Reading this daily on the treadmill helped five-miles fly by! It’s a  truly escapist piece of prose that will leave readers looking forward to reading more of this talented author’s work. Enjoy!

Amy Willis