Possess (The Possess Saga #1)


Harley Martin takes some desperate measures and goes on the run to escape from an abusive boyfriend.  She winds up in a small town in Rhode Island, where she quickly finds a job at a local pub.  She also finds a fantastic furnished apartment for a ridiculously low price. It is not long, however, before Harley realizes that she is not alone on her apartment.  She makes the chilling discovery that there is a male and a female entity sharing space with her.

As time passes, the ghosts take on more personality as they attempt to interact with Harley.   She eventually begins making the effort to discover more about the ghosts, Brody and Claire; and their tragic deaths. Harley is skeptical as to the cause of their demise, especially Brody’s apparent suicide; and attempts to get to the bottom of what she now suspects was murder.  Unfortunately for Harley, there is someone out there who doesn’t want the past dredged up, someone who is prepared to do whatever is necessary to keep Harley from finding the truth.

The writing of ‘Possess’ is good, and the premise of the story quite intriguing.  Even the things thrown in from out of the blue just to make the story creepier are forgivable. Unfortunately, as the story progresses, the plot line devolves into the absurd. There is an unbelievably preposterous twist for the ending to tie the story up, which only served to destroy any credibility the book had previously attained.  ‘Possess’ had possibilities of being a really good read; but due to numerous trite and cliché events, just doesn’t quite live up to those opportunities.   

Faith Turner