Pool of Crimson

Suzanne M.
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Dahlia has honed her vampire-killing skills to perfection. She’s got the scars, stakes and a cool nickname (Blushing Death) to prove it. Unfortunately for her, the vampires never give up and are even now concocting a terrible scheme involving a demon, werewolves and her.

And all she wanted was to know what she is, have a quiet date and survive. Now she’s still clueless about the first, the second proves to be a troubled werewolf, and the last is very much in question. Not to mention she’s got a serious case of lust for Patrick, the vampire, something that has never happened to her before. What’s a girl to do when it all gets weird? Kick ass, of course!

“Pool of Crimson” has the holy trinity of a tough heroine, intriguing love interests and an interesting premise.  Dahlia’s interactions with Patrick and Danny the Wolf were dynamic and the sparks just leaped off the pages. However, aren’t the love triangles getting old? Especially werewolf/vampire ones? The romance aspect is not the only one lacking originality, the whole story read like it had been told many times before, and was very predictable. The story of Blushing Death shows promise, though, and there’s no doubt we’ll see many more of her exciting stories and adventures!

Mimi Smith