Plotting Mr. Perfect


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Katie has a weekly girls' night at her house every Thursday. This also happens to be the day her handsome neighbor meticulously mows and edges his lawn - for hours. They have been neighbors for over two years yet never have spoken. Will has been appreciating Katie and her beauty from afar. This girls' night her friends decide that Katie, a 25 year old writer who has not dated in years, needs to find a man. They decide she should make a list of qualities her perfect man would hold. Little did they realize that the universe would reciprocate and send her perfect man straight to her front yard the next day. Is seeing Katie with another man enough to get Will moving and show his interest?


Plotting Mr. Perfectis an interesting take on finding Mr. Right. The handsome neighbor that is right under Katies nose and the computer generated android that falls straight to her yard are total opposites. Leo is a computer, but slowly transforming into a man and becomes more interesting as he does so. He doesn't need sleep but eats real food, can plug in and download information but has a human heartbeat. Some of this was hard to digest. The trio's romance is complex and felt as if Katie and Leo always had one foot out the door, which made it hard to believe their relationship. There is only attraction early on and then their romance seems to fizzle. Overall plot and tempo are entertaining with a great group of supporting characters.


For readers on the hunt for a fun-filled, upbeat blend of romance and fantasy, author S.E. Babin delivers the goods.


Julie Caicco