Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Winter Thorne has been secretly in lust and in love with Zane Carlyle for as long as she can remember. Zane has also secretly carried a torch for “Win” since spying on her and her sisters playing in the fields of their family’s estate. After an unsatisfying sexual encounter, a heated argument results in Winnie casting a revengeful memory spell.

Zadicayn is the last wizard and has been locked up for three hundred years. If he dies, the Faewraith will kill all the humans on earth, and people will cease to exist. Brynella is working with her friend, Joseara, a known thief, to help Zadicayn escape, but the church and three prominent families want to keep him imprisoned and will do all they can to ensure Zadicayn is locked up once again.

HISTORICAL:  Lady Catherine Langdon is no ordinary lady. Her family ancestry goes back to a group of early Celtic witches, and their unique and magical abilities have been passed onto her. Although she is under the watchful eye of her guardian, she is secretly studying to be a nurse. By chance she meets Asher Rossington, Earl of Carrick, and the new Marquess of Seabrook.

AJ Moore is trying to find her bearings, after her father’s recent death.  She was close to him, and she feels the loss keenly.  She climbs on the craggy rocks near her hometown of Bayside, Oregon, and visits nearby tidal pools to feel close to him, because these are special things they used to share, which ignited her love of learning.  While rock climbing one day, she is enveloped by a strang

Micah is a Being, one who used to be emotionless, but since he met Harliss Tanielu, big changes are happening fast and he’s losing control of everything. Harliss Tanielu is a wild cougar looking for a bit of excitement, which she finds when sparks fly upon meeting Micah.