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TIME TRAVEL: Radin Hawk enters a time portal with his newly purchased slave, Keilah, who claims to be a princess from the past. As luck or The Fates would have it, she is indeed a princess with a rebel army intent on defeating her evil stepmother, Queen Anaya. His suspicions are heightened when Radin finds his father’s sorcerer, Brekan, is also in the past as a mentor to Keilah.

The Christmas Gift

Maddie and Connor meet when he steals her taxi and gets her kicked out of a prestigious acting class. When he insists on apologizing with coffee and a slice of the most delicious pie ever, how is she supposed to resist the hunky, Hollywood-bound aspiring actor? When she accepts his apology and relinquishes her phone number, how is he supposed to resist the gorgeous aspiring Broadway singer?

Elspeth Lennox, a passive Natura, has worked hard to prove her worth as more than a breeder of powerful offspring. Sadly, all her work means nothing as her grandfather trades her off to the Russian Natura Prince in order to get a promised treatment for a debilitating and fatal disease afflicting her older brother.

Faking the loss of her virtue to a visiting scoundrel, Isobella uses her trick to escape France and voyage to Scotland on a treasure hunt! Laird Malcolm MacLauchlin is shocked when her incoming ship sails past his home and is set upon by pirates. When he and a few clansmen set out on a rescue mission, they find themselves embroiled in Isobella’s hunt.

Willa "Wills" has worked as a physician's assistant on English Navy ships alongside her father all her life, disguised as a young man! After her father’s death, Cullen MacLeod is assigned to serve as the replacement physician. Their initial meeting starts off rocky as he has no clue the sullen lad working as his assistant and his on-board roommate is actually a young woman.