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FANTASY: Clover has only one type of luck, the astoundingly good kind. For eighteen years, she’s led a charmed life with her grandmother in a high-rise New York apartment. But on the day of her eighteenth birthday, everything changes. Finn is at the end of a very long assignment given to him by his not-too-trustworthy boss.

Twelve-year old Clara has a perfect life exploring the snow-blanketed acreage of her family’s Christmas tree farm in Utah. For all the charm that surrounds her at the holidays, there is one place that holds a particular magic for Clara—the old well. It’s the site where she first met fourteen-year-old Liam.

Lady Grace Norrington is bored with the ton and its rules. She is nearly thirty and not a debutante anymore, but plans to be married to someone by her birthday. Luckily, her family is having a Valentine’s Day masquerade ball for both Grace and her twin sister, Patience. Everything is going according to plan until Grace’s father hires Mr. Harrison Conrad as the new butler.

Timini Jensen, a novice designer, wakes up late for her interview to become a full-fledged costumer, but will make it even with everything going wrong. When Timini’s roommate’s boyfriend begs her to test his project, a dating app which he created, Timini is a bit apprehensive. But with all her six roommates’ help, she grudgingly goes along with it.

While at a wedding that Miss Theodosia Ashbrooke, a most prominent matchmaker, had orchestrated, she is asked by a prospective client to make a match for her son, Albemarle Howard, the Earl of Lenskeyn. Theodosia is up for any challenge, even a man who claims he does not need a wife. As Theodosia attempts to match Albemarle to woman after woman, he finds something wrong with each one.