A Plague of Dragons (A Dragon Anthology)

Michael K. Rose, Katie Salidas, Jenna Elizabeth Johnson,
Alexia Purdy, Jason Lavelle, David Jones

Six beautifully crafted tales of dragon lore!  Each story is extraordinarily unique and brings a very different perspective to dragon fantasy.  “Brutality” by Mr. Rose opens with a gripping encounter of man versus beast, where dragons terrorize a primitive island, and the local hero must go to war.  He will then learn what it means to truly value his humanity.  “Molten Heart” by Ms. Salidas takes us on a journey with a young dragonkin man coming of age who learns not all humans are the savage creatures he has been led to believe.  “Flame and Form” by Ms. Johnson is a heart-warming twist take on  a fairy tale, where an abused woman who believes she has no value will find her true love in the most unlikely of creatures.  “Lucidium” by Ms. Purdy gives us a tale about a young dragonkin girl held captive her whole life and now she is on the run from her captors.  “A Cold Fire” by Mr. Lavelle is a bitter-sweet story of a girl whose entire family has been killed by a dragon and now she will stop at nothing for revenge.  “The Sky Hunter” by Mr. Jones is an action-packed story of a woman trained for combat and the deadly mission she is sent to fulfill.

A wonderful sampler to whet every appetite — from dragons learning to be human to beasts with black evil hearts, traditional fantasy in medieval times, fantasy sci-fi futures to magical realism set in present day.  Some stories had a handful of typos, and pacing was a bit slow in a few tales.  Also, three of the six stories seemed to be ‘the first parts’ of stories meant to continue, as they ended mid climax, so one can reasonably guess there will be a volume two for the anthology!

MB Rose