The Pirate Circus (The Kraken's Caribbean #3)

Maureen O.
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ROMANTIC ADVENTURE:  Janey has a life filled with  adventure, friendship and excitement.  What more could a girl ask for?  Even if others only see her as a pirate, she is pleased with her life.  Then she meets Benjamin Silvestri. Widowed with a young son, Ben fled to Tortuga from England, escaping both the memory of his wife and his meddlesome cousins, who believe his son belongs with them.  The last thing he needs is to get involved with a woman, especially a pirate!  And yet….

Ms. Betita has crafted an adventure-filled book, set in an interesting world that is a blend of contemporary miracles of technology, steam-punkish atmosphere, magic and pirates. Her world is certainly unique. The problem with the book lies with the characters - getting a hold onto them is hard.  Maybe it would’ve been easier for a reader familiar with the series, but as things stand, connecting to them wasn’t very easy. And neither was sorting them out – there was a fair amount of confusion at the beginning of the book. Nevertheless, the characters make for a diverse cast whose adventures will draw the reader in. The couple – Janey and Ben - make a good pairing.  There is something very satisfying seeing a reserved (and at times cold) hero fall for someone so different from himself. The best thing about The Pirate Circus is the world, which is filled to brim with adventure and interesting characters!


Ana Smith