Penny White and The Weariness of Were-wolves (Penny White #7)


Penny, an English Anglican priest, has found herself trapped in a parallel universe in the city of Lleogyr. She and her rag-tag family find themselves entangled in the ongoing machinations of the Consortium while trying to protect and console a warren of non-were rabbits. Raven, a search dragon, continues to press his suit with her as he tries to struggle with his own demons from the past. Father Llewelyn, a werewolf, in charge of tending to a community of not-weres also shows an interest. Penny is having a hard time with her own difficult relationship with God, a little too much whiskey, a choice of suitors, a snail-shark wanting to be ordained, and refugee humans looking to her to aid them in a fantastical universe she’s still trying to navigate.

This latest adventure from the vivid imaginary parallel universe created by Chrys Cymri is a delightful read for faithful fans. Readers who haven’t read previous novels may find catching up and navigating this dynamic world difficult in the beginning.  The story provides action, humor, family struggles, and a hint of romance while espousing Christian ideals in an almost subliminal manner.  The serious and sometimes overwhelming challenges brought on by faith and society’s acceptance of human differences are beautifully dealt with in this story’s light-hearted and charming foray into adventure, fantasy, and conflict.  References to Doctor Who and other fantasy realms found in pop-culture are a nerdy reader’s delight! Fans will anxiously await the next chapter in Father Penny’s adventure because Chrys Cymri delivers a compelling tale full of mystical creatures with human problems and a strong message of faith and love!

Tonya Mathenia