Payable on Death (Jax Rhodes #1)


Jax has lived a rough life, but somehow managed to avoid getting caught up in gangs or drugs. In an effort to save her mother from her abusive step-father, Jax makes a deal with the Devil.  Everyone knows that this type of deal will cost one their soul, but Jax neglects to pay attention to the fine print. Now she is attempting to avoid the demons dogging her footsteps and somehow earn her soul back. There’s a reason the Devil was so interested in Jax and she’s finally starting to find out why. With a handsome Sin Eater right behind her and Angels and Demons attempting to win her over will she choose the right side and save the world? 


A new addition to the angels and demons urban fantasy genre, Jax is a child of an angel and a human, and one of the last remaining humans able to fight demons. The inclusion of a Sin Eater provides a bit of new material to a familiar story that moves at a quick pace, involves a lot of action, and some clean but steamy romance. As an individual Jax is fairly unremarkable among urban fantasy heroines, but the rest of the cast and setting provide some hints for more interesting future books. Overall, this story has a good combination of explosive action and steam.


Sarah E. Bradley