The Passion Season: Book I of the Covalent Series


SCI-FI:  Ranier Barakiel is a Covalent warrior fighting to protect his city from demons. The demons are sent by Barakiel’s father, Lucifer, who wants his son dead. Barakiel is banished to Earth for protection against Lucifer. While on earth Barakiel has a mysterious business and interests in ancient weaponry. When he is contacted by Zan O’Gara, an FBI agent, about a dagger that has dismembered someone, Barakiel can’t help but be swept up by Zan. As Zan and Barakiel attempt to solve the mystery of the dagger, their feelings almost distract them, Zan from the case and Barakiel from continuing his fight in the Covalent Realm. Their love could also be the one thing that can save them and both their worlds from destruction.

What a wonderfully written intricate and steamy fantasy told magnificently! The book does start off slowly, and there are a few time jumps that are a little confusing, but all the same, the story manages to be fulfilling. Also, some readers might balk at the numerous sex scenes or dislike the cliffhanger ending. Even with these minor flaws, the completeness of most important plot points and the wonderful characterizations make it hard not to get caught up in the magical realness of it all. Barakiel is a fantastic hero–weird, complex, enigmatic but also compassionate and sensitive. Sure, his secrets are annoying, but his love for Zan shines through, and despite his nature, he’s easy to fall for. Zan is just an amazingly strong heroine and so easily relatable that readers will just love her too. This book is definitely a great piece of science fiction literary genius!

Roslynn Ernst