Passion’s Sacred Dance (Harshad Wars #1)

Juli D.

Stacey is about to lose her historical property. Bitter Thorn Grove History Center, just outside of Tampa, has been in the family for hundreds of years. Just as she begins to have strange dreams, a handsome stranger, Aaron Fielding, shows up. Hes an ancient warrior, and time is almost up for the next battle against evil to happen. In her parking lot.


This modern fantasy uses ancient Celtic mythology to set up a fight against good and evil. This branch of the lore is not used very often as drivers in stories of gods and goddesses, and paves the way for an enlightening tale. Unfortunately, that doesnt happen. The story starts out assuming the reader has a boatload of background knowledge on the words and myths used, for nothing is explained. Indeed, even by the end, the full mythology behind the gods and their warriors is never revealed, their purpose to the storyline never explained. The Tuatha de Danaan are present at the end, but why are they there? The reader must fill in many blanks, which is made even more frustrating by stilted conversations, dialogue that sometimes makes no sense and often makes the characters appear bi-polar. Both characters are very two-dimensional. Aaron denies his knowledge to Stacey, even though she desperately needs it, yet still manages to seduce her based on some love at first sightrule. Her reactions are sometimes strong, sometimes wishy-washy, and never consistent. The last third of the book is great. The idea is unique, bringing unknown lore to light. With some thoughtful adjustments, this could be terrific. There is potential for this Celtic-based series.


Julie York