Passage (Soul of the Witch Book 1)

C. Marie

HISTORICAL/TIME TRAVEL/WESTERN:  Courtney Veau’s “near death experience” sends her on a quest to find a life and a love that doesn’t exist in present day. When she locates an abandoned house in Denver, she is sucked into a life that she somehow, deep down, knew existed, but couldn’t reach. When Nichole Harris wakes from a carriage accident, she is no longer just Nichole Harris. Amnesia finds her lost in a sea of people that she doesn’t know. When memories that don’t belong to her surface, she is confused and frightened. Will Courtney be able to find the one she truly loves or will Nichole’s trials keep them apart forever? 

C. Marie Bowen is a genius when it comes to storytelling! Her characters are rich and full of life and her story is ripe with trials, love, trust, and heartache. There are stories that can entertain, stories that break a heart, and stories that can fill a soul. “Passage (Soul of the Witch Book 1)” is all three rolled up into a book that readers will want to read time and time again. Love is a curious thing. It is the one thing that can stand the test of time and in C. Marie Bowen’s book it is the one thing that allows two women to become one in an attempt to find their happiness. “Passage (Soul of the Witch Book 1)” is a wonderfully unique story that will have readers on the edge of their seats begging for more! 

Mary-Nancy Smith