The Paradox of Love


Oakley Hallowell works hard to ensure her family ranch keeps going in Paradox Valley, Colorado. The animals and land are doing great, but Oakley has to deal with her abusive father, Gideon. Antero comes to Oakley's aid when she falls off her horse. She has to keep him a secret from her father, for Antero's safety. Their feelings deepen and what started as him helping her becomes a passionate affair. The tables are turned when a local man is murdered and Antero is accused of the crime. Will they figure out who the real killer is and finally be able to reveal their relationship?

A truly beautiful story combined with tragedies that people face, this novel rings true. It is so much more than a historical romance and readers will definitely love Ophelia and Antero. As their love develops, there is some very beautiful dialogue that will literally melt an e-reader and those who enjoy this will most definitely be lost within it. “The Paradox of Love” has some very real issues that individuals face and these are thoughtfully handled and written with care. Teri Harman's book is one that is an absolute must read; one that can be read over and over and still is as good as the first time. It is truly unforgettable!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick