Panthers and Precincts (Faxfire Series, Book 1)


When a boy disappears without trace one might think the services of a zoologist like Zeara are far from needed. When a panther mysteriously appears in that same boys house, its time for Zeara to step in and cooperate with the police. Cooperate even more intimately with the handsome detective in charge of the investigation, perhaps? 


While full of promise in many areas, Panthers and Precinctssuffers from a case of severe confusion - the author doesn't seem to be sure what this book is supposed to be.  As a mystery it fails on the grounds that EVERYONE would know from the very beginning what happened to the boy, and readers would just be forced to watch the search for a rational solution, against every proof. There isnt nearly enough romancing involved for it to be a romance, and again, there isnt enough detail or interesting aspects of the magic world for it to make it a paranormal title. Furthermore, its too short for the characters to be fleshed out enough to attract readers in their own right. All of which makes reading this novel a rather frustrating experience.


Still, it succeeds in provoking thought are we humans so intent on the rationalthat we have become closed-minded? Food for thought that might very well be explored farther along in this series.


Mimi Smith