Pan’s Conquest


GREEK MYTHOLOGY:  Syrinx is the goddess of chastity but Pan, the god of fertility, is always in hot pursuit.  She knows that she is just another conquest for him, and once he has her he will simply throw her aside. Coral, another goddess is in hot pursuit of Pan but much to her chagrin, he ignores her. Coral comes up with a plan to get rid of Syrinx so that Pan will notice her. She encourages Syrinx to go to modern times to hide from Pan. Pan soon finds her and transforms into the debonair Parker Thomas. Parker woos Syrinx, now Sylvia Rains, and finds things go somewhat better, although things are still a bit prickly when he goes to kiss her.


This is a very creative piece unlike any that this reader has ever read before. The goddesses and god coming into our modern world is a nice touch. Pan as Parker has so much to learn and he does so through his wizened butler, Rutherford Hayes. Although he is only a secondary character, Rutherford has a huge impact in this story. It is interesting seeing how these immortals try to fit into the mortal world, each doing it in an entirely unique way. There are moral conflicts throughout the entire piece, which also makes it unique and refreshing. "Pan's Conquest" is a beautifully told take on ancient mythology, and highly recommended!


Belinda Wilson