Outside That Door


TIME TRAVEL:  Beth and Carl have a nice plan that consists of some quality time in their cottage in the Catskills. It begins perfectly - until they wake up the first morning and go outside to find everything gone.  Their car, the road, civilization. They don’t know what to make of it, until they meet a man in uniform that dates back to the Revolutionary War and he informs them that it’s 1777.


Trapped in the past, Beth and Carl's only hope lies with a Chief who may or may not know how to send them back to future. Until then, they just need to survive.


With "Outside That Door", author Jennifer Robins has attempted a sweeping time-travel story rich with historical details of life in the Revolutionary War. Unfortunately, the writing is at times awkward and some areas of the storyline didn’t really work. In addition to numerous occasions where the couple were a little too free with telling others they were from the future, it is not really explained how they got stuck in 1777, nor how they got back home.  There were frustratingly few details. While the story did flow at times, at others it got bogged down in the details of Beth and Carl working on a farm, hunting... Most disappointingly, the ending is anticlimactic. All in all, this story has the promise of being great if the writing can be smoothed out and a more developed ending provided.


Ana Smith