Out of the Past

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There is a killer on the loose and Shanna keeps having gory visions of his killings and feeling his emotions.  Why won’t they stop?  Detective Damien Knightly is puzzled as well – these killings are not the work of a human, they have the touch of an otherworldly being, but who or what?   Do clues from killings in the past point to these horrific events?  All the victims have been prostitutes.  No one cares about them except Alethia Colbert, with her plans to build a shelter.  As opposition grows, Alethia’s life is in danger as well.  Damien is a vampire mostly living in secret among humans, but even his vampiric abilities cannot solve the crime.  Janine Chase, the coroner, can find little evidence from the mangled bodies except for traces of animal DNA. As the danger mounts a way to uncover the seemingly impossible must be found before it is eternally too late. 

“Out of the Past” is a thrilling paranormal/sci fi tale about a killer gone mad! The story does skip through different time periods without explanation, making it hard to tell when and where the story is taking place.  The introduction of multiple characters, relationships, locations, and time periods adds to the confusion.  The author would also  have done better to tell about fewer relationships with more detail.  However, the gathering of clues and tracking down a killer will keep readers on the edge of their seats, rooting for Damien as he struggles to find the creature before the killing cannot be stopped!  If a paranormal story of suspense and mystery is desired and one can overlook the particulars of place and time, this is one to enjoy!


Victoria Z. Burg