Out of the Dark (Forbidden Love #1)


Breanna Hunt, ordinary human and waitress, is working her shift at the restaurant when Angel Knight, rock star and vampire, walks in with his group and shes assigned his table. More nervous because they are vampires than because they are famous musicians, shes nonetheless determined to do her usual competent job. Until Angel sniffs her wrist. How rude! Despite dressing him down and showing her displeasure, she receives a handsome tip from him. The Clan Leader knows he screwed up and hes determined to prove hes a gentleman because he also needs to convince her shes his mate. First impressions are hard to overcome, but Angel and Brea are meant for each other. How difficult could it be?


Two compelling arcs run side-by-side in this superbly written story. On one side a serial killer is stalking the city and appears to be connected to the paranormal community, while on the other side the romance between Angel and Brea heats the reader up. Brea is a feisty, level-headed woman and Angel is a handsome, responsible leader with a lot of weight on his shoulders. Secondary characters also shine. However, while the characters are appealing, they could use a bit more depth to their personalities. Both plots play well together, flowing along smoothly with only a few small hiccups, and the entire book is sprinkled liberally with enough humor and sexy steaminess to make most readers smile. Unfortunately, some editing issues jar the reader and hold this wonderful story back. A final polishing would really make this tale shine!


Carol Conley