Otterby’s Child (Anthym Quest-Book One)


FANTASY:  Kye, a solider of the Blue Hills Guard, has searched for fourteen years to find Anthym, the child of a legend, in order to save the coastal town, Moonlight. Now, with the ninth son of the ninth son of the ninth son found, Moonlight’s leaders hope that the discovery of Anthym will bring the Mere to repair the Mere’s Gate before it fails and the ocean washes away their home. To everyone’s surprise, once the three generations approach the Watery Stone, Anthym is wounded and changed. The local leaders appoint Kye to travel with Anthym to the home of the Mere in anticipation that the changed teen will prove to the Mere that Moonlight is worthy of being saved from the impending flood. 

“Otterby’s Child” is a unique, well-written story, taking readers on an imaginative trip over blue hills and blue sandy beaches. Kye may be a well-trained, tough soldier, but readers will love his enduring concern for Anthym’s safety from the moment he catches the boy and drags him to the Guard’s Garrison. The banter between Kye and Anthym provides readers with a clear sense that the two will become close friends. Kye’s ability to understand his environment and read others makes him a desirable character to learn more about. This is book one of a series, which may be frustrating for readers who want closure. Overall, “Otterby’s Child” is worth the journey and the wait to see how the Otterby, Anthym, and Kye will save the town of Moonlight.

Moira Wolf