The Other Magic


EPIC FANTASY:  This book follows three main characters, each of whom come from a very different background:  Kibure, a slave, is caught wielding some kind of magic which isn’t allowed; Aynward, a prince and a bit of a rebel, is taking classes at the university,  Grobennar is a high priest with an amulet that talks to his mind and in some scenes steals the show.  There are secondary characters woven throughout the story that really bring out the best and worst in the main characters.  As the story progresses, each character learns who their allies are, and there is a real sense of loyalty amongst them.

The beginning of this story is a bit perplexing.  There are so many characters introduced right off that it is confusing to see how they relate to each other and keep them straight.  As the story progresses, you can see the three main characters start to stand out.  It was interesting to see how the world they live in can be seeing from differing perspectives.  One of the strengths of this book is that the point of view changes with each chapter.  The reader is able to not only see the background of each character, but also the same events unfold from each character’s perspective.  As the book is quite lengthy at over 600 pages, some scenes drag out and could have been written more concisely.  The reader feels a sense of satisfaction when the worlds of the main characters collide and sees how everything falls into place. 

Stephanie Shaw