Operation Wildcat (Keystone #1)


As a leopard shifter living in a small town, Jess Baker goes through her days like a normal person trying to make a living. What she doesn’t realize is that the quiet town of Blackford has a dangerous side. When a stranger walks into the diner her family owns, she agrees to help him with his mission. Not that she minds, however; there’s something about him that she’s attracted to. Caleb Marsh is trying to find a killer targeting shifters in the US. He needs someone to help and he finds it in a very attractive package. Though he’s duty-bound to find the killer, he can’t ignore his growing feelings for this beautiful shifter who is doing her best to help him. 

Albeit short, this book starts out with the two characters meeting and the author wastes no time in showing they’re attracted to one another. Coupling a harrowing murder mystery with a romance makes for a rewarding read with fast-paced action and searing love scenes. Caleb is the ideal alpha male, determined to protect the woman he has growing feelings for. Jess is a likable character although naïve at times. Some parts felt a bit rushed given the length of the book; however it doesn’t take away from the overall enjoyment. A good short read with a great love story and a classic alpha protecting the woman he cares about.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick